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What’s the secret to big returns? Doing nothing.

Volatility came back with a vengeance on Monday as the latest saga in the China trade war managed to throw ...
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Day Trading Options Made Easy With Next Day Move

We all know the stories of the legendary traders who manage to beat the market. Their extreme methods often get ...
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4 Things You DON’T Need To Do To Make Money In The Stock Market

Like many of you, I started my trading career as full-blown technical trader. There were many sleepless nights spent studying ...
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Options Position Sizing For Low Risk And High Growth

Congrats! You've just graduated from the school of options. You know everything there is to know about calls, puts, spreads, ...
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12 Signs You Might Be A Trade-o-holic

I woke up feeling kind of strange. You know, that feeling you get when you wake up in a place ...
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Market Timing With Volume For A Better Life

It all started just a few years after I became a trader. I came across another trader’s tweet that caught ...
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