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Robert B

You Will Be Profitable

Mike DiBari stands apart from other trading services like the proverbial lighthouse guiding ships through a storm in an industry full of half-truths and aggressive sales hustles. Why? Because if you follow his trading recommendations, you will be profitable.

Unlike other services that show only their best trades - or worse, show results from demo accounts - Mike posts ALL of his trades with relevant statistics to boot. This level of transparency is unprecedented and says a lot about who he is.

First, he delivers the "goods" with winning trade recommendations generated through meticulous analysis and testing. Second, he goes over and above to provide timely commentary and support to members to maximize their memberships, including giving a one-month free trial to new members. Third, he has taken the trading journey from unprofitability to profitability, so he knows what it takes to make money in the market, and his double-digit trading record speaks for itself.

Mike's focus on market volume is unique as analyzing volume is a "lost art" that he has resurrected. His proprietary volume algorithms are a force multiplier that generate consistent, double-digit returns trading the S&P. There are few paths to building long-term wealth that are as battle-tested as Mike's service. I highly recommend his service.

- Robert B.

Wall Street

Complete Transparency

Mike presents a very innovative, volume-based approach with very strong back testing results. It's the real deal for consistent profitability over time.

I have easily leveraged My Trading Licks signals with my personal trading strategy and have had excellent results. Interestingly, Mike's system produces signals that can be in contrast to general sentiment, which means I would have missed a lot of these opportunities on my own. Mike's system helps beat Wall Street's manipulation by cutting through phony price movement.

I am a big NDM fan! The timeliness of all alerts (TVO, IO, HG, NDM) with extremely specific entries and exits gives me the guidance I need to optimize the signals for my needs. Mike's integrity and complete transparency as to his calls and results is above and beyond most other services and lends to a high degree of confidence in his system.

The real-time Heat Gauge is a really cool tool to monitor/anticipate upcoming buy signals. I have to say I will sometimes use it for my own trades with reasonable success. I also appreciate the daily updates and Mike's take on the markets.

Mike, keep up the good work and look forward to more innovation on your part.

- Robert N.

Emmett Moore

The Real Deal

Mike DiBari of MyTradingLicks is the real deal, and an inspiration to young and old traders alike.

Through the crucible of fire and torment, this guy has traveled the path from failure to success.

He is an unconventional renaissance man that has created something totally unique. And as far as I can tell, totally unique to the trading community.

The track record of trades are in fact, the real deal. And fully verified.

Even if you do not subscribe our purchase his advisory service, the story of his success is worth a thousand trading books. A testament to will power, focus, and overcoming the fear of being unique.

- Emmett Moore, TradingSchools.org

Chart Patterns

Clarity of the Signals

I had been following you on Stocktwits for a while and I liked your analysis. I liked that you posted up-to-date results (win or lose) and that you stuck with ETFs. You did not come across as a jerk like so many other Stocktwit users.

I have had experience with other services, never being really comfortable with them for the long haul. Getting multiple trade signals during the work day was not good for my stress levels! Your bio struck a chord with me - I too had dabbled early on in trading in my spare time thinking there is money to be made here and would spend too much time looking at chart patterns (life is too short!), which I came to learn are essentially meaningless.

I liked the systematic approach. I also like the clarity of the signals and % allocation given for each trade. I am able to assess the signal (if any) in the daily email and set up the order accordingly and then get on with my real job!

Even though you do not come from a financial background (which to me is a good thing!), I like your professionalism in the service. I've been a member since the beginning and I've enjoyed watching the service grow to what it has become.

I like that every trade is posted. I like that you respond promptly to emails. I like that stock price is not considered, just volume.

Keep up the great work! Thanks.

- Neil W.

Ken S.

Lots of Action

I was interested in a new approach to investing, involving some high leverage techniques to an otherwise conservative portfolio. The service delivered lots of action and some big wins.

I really like the automation and do-it-yourself nature. Makes you feel like a high end day trader without the research, headaches.

- Ken S.

Christina D.

Simple and Easy

The service allowed me to invest in options trading as a beginner with confidence. I simply trusted and followed the system.

I really like that the signals are sent via text. It makes trading very simple and easy for someone like me who is new at trading options. I never miss a trade!

- Christina D.


Up On My First Trade

Great service! Your program is very focused on cutting the bad trade syndrome. I like that you just concentrate on the SPY ETF which is extremely liquid. And I like that from what I learned so far, just 3 days or so into my membership that you found out about the "old school" gentleman that just took trades at the close. Brilliant!

I just entered my first trade that your team member emailed me yesterday with a signal and I got in just before the close. 3:54 EST. The timing was great, my indicator showed a strong confirmation on the 1 min and 5 min time frames and the news was favorable, specifically the vaccine starting in the U.S. as well as being on the verge of a new stimulus package. Now I am up about $1.07 (a point), nice!

I found the HG gauges and TVO system to be extremely helpful and kudos to you for creating such a useful system.

- Glenn F.

Mark Ursell

Tunes Out the Noise

He has a fascinating way of understanding the markets that I have never heard about anyone using before. Mike has developed his own technical indicators that are based purely on market volume. Mike uses his Total Volume Oscillator (TVO) as part of a trading strategy. He is a technical trader that does not use price as part of his trading decisions.

I find this approach fascinating and if you are intrigued by Mike’s system, he posts daily updates of the indicator level on his blog: MyTradingLicks, and also on Stocktwits and Twitter. These updates include Mike’s insightful comment on the state of the market based on the volume. What I like about these comments is the way that he disregards any hysteria about price rises or falls and focuses on his reading of the volume.

I first spoke with Mike when he contacted me with some questions about using Tradinformed backtest spreadsheets. I am absolutely delighted that Mike has been able to test his market theories using this method and has developed such a great trading system.

- Mark Ursell, Tradinformed.com

The Eagle

Relaxing Way to Trade

I like that you don’t have to watch the market minute by minute. It’s kind of the “relaxing” way to trade. I’m busy and tried to day trade and I’d win some, lose some but had to be glued to the monitor to get in and out asap. Here, you know when you should go in and when there’s an exit signal.

Most other services are either always showing the winners in their touting OR they preach but never trade. Everyone is a genius after the fact, it’s being a genius before it happens that matters!

- Steven A. "The Eagle"

Jere J.

Time to Enjoy Life

In my experience as a member, Mike stayed the course by keeping us informed on market status, how it's setting up for a possible buy/sell, and not gaming every move. Favorite part of it is that Mike's systems don't keep you in the market constantly, allowing one to enjoy life vs. bird-dogging a screen so you can jump on a trade.

My other favorite part is the trades are on SPY ETF options, so there's tons of liquidity and no crazy gyrations in value caused by missed earnings, negative guidance etc. I like that there's no following the pundits on financial cable, and that you can grow financially while still having time to do your own fun stuff.

- Jere J.

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