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After The Fed, Markets Stayed Cool. Weekly Market Volume Outlook.

Markets recovered sharply after the Fed spoke on Wednesday afternoon and apparently gave some investors something that they wanted to ...
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Is The S&P Out Of The Woods? This Week’s Market Volume.

Markets gapped up at the open on Wednesday and gave traders a rush of something that's been lacking in the ...
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Can One Company Screw Up The Market? Market Volume Update.

Meta (FB) took a dive on Thursday and took the rest of the market down with it. But is it ...
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Monday’s Not So Surprising Shakeout. Weekly Market Volume Outlook.

Monday's perilous morning gap down became the catalyst for a shakeout that did what all shakeouts do best: sweep out ...
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Are We There Yet? The Week In Market Volume

Last Friday, SPY had a wide range outside day (meaning both the high and low eclipsed the previous day's levels) ...
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What Happened To All-Time Highs?

After 2 across-the-board accumulation days last week, just when all-time highs were in reach, bears took control last Friday (and ...
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