body of water during golden hour

Has the parting of the Red Sea finally begun?

The Fed delivered no surprises on Wednesday, but nevertheless, investors sold the news right on cue just like they're supposed ...
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sea flight bird beach

Another V rally? You didn’t see anything.

Overall volume surged more than 20% on Tuesday and the bulls finally got the shakeout they've been waiting for (thanks ...
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boy wearing green crew neck shirt jumping from black stone on seashore

Never doubt that a small group of stocks can take down the market.

Shares of Google's Alphabet stock rose on Monday in anticipation of earnings only to tumble in the after hours session ...
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Are they selling in May or are they here to stay?

May is almost upon us and looking back, the month of April faithfully delivered what it's historically known for... Market ...
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Should we short the double top? It’s already too late.

Markets rose yet again on Monday and the action seems to be taking most folks by surprise (although when earnings ...
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Is this the pride before the fall?

If you leave out the drop at the open, Monday's trading range on SPY was a little bit less than ...
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