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Back To The 50 Day Or Down To The 200?

There was a bit of distribution on the big board in Monday's session (overall volume barely budged), even though the ...
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Was This A Bad Week To Tune Out The Noise?

Markets snapped back on Tuesday after Monday's blow and seemed to surprise a good many folks out there... Even though ...
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Is This A Short-Term Bottom Or Another Gap To Fill?

First I'd like to say congrats to the bears who made money today. Shorting the dip is not easy. It ...
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Will the tariffs wreak havoc or are they already priced in?

The trade war once again gets the blame for Thursday's market action. Of course, traders out there know it was ...
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Is the selling over or more to come?

Markets plunged at the open on Tuesday and gave the bears the high volume distribution day they've been hoping for ...
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What’s the secret to big returns? Doing nothing.

Volatility came back with a vengeance on Monday as the latest saga in the China trade war managed to throw ...
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