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What Happened To All-Time Highs?

After 2 across-the-board accumulation days last week, just when all-time highs were in reach, bears took control last Friday (and ...
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Is This Flag Flying High Or Just Fake News?

It's already the 3rd week in June, summer is fast approaching, and we still have yet to see anything earth ...
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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Just about a week ago, the bears were celebrating another chapter in the trade war saga and what was set ...
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Is The Selling Winding Down Or Just Getting Started?

Monday was a pretty volatile session, as the bears (who claim are "just getting started") managed to knock the major ...
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Has The Plunge Found Support Or Is It Just Getting Started?

What looked like a glimmer of hope for the bulls at Tuesday's open, quickly turned south, driving the S&P 500 ...
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Cover Before June, Not A Moment Too Soon

All hopes for the 50 day moving average buy program quickly evaporated this week, as more and more distribution began ...
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