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Stocks Are Taking One Step Up And Two Steps Back (Down). Weekly Market Volume Outlook.

Big retailers such as Target and Walmart disappointed with earnings, and on Wednesday the S&P 500 had it's worst drop ...
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Will The Real Market Please Stand (Go) Up? This Week’s Market Volume.

On Wednesday, the Fed gave markets a glimmer of hope to the tune of 25 less basis points, propelling the ...
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Markets Run Out Of Air As More Distribution Seeps In. Market Volume Update.

Markets rose on Wednesday only to land right back where they left off from the previous session. We ended up ...
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Buy What You Know, Sell When You Don’t. This Week’s Market Volume.

Wednesday's session was a bit of a mixed bag with the S&P 500 logging gains while the Nasdaq took a ...
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Options Soar But Sometimes They Burn. Market Volume Update.

Markets recovered on Wednesday after the "I" word (that's inflation in case you haven't heard) reared it's ugly head once ...
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Relief After The Fed Or More April Showers? This Week’s Market Volume.

Overall volume fell over 10% in Friday's session with the up/down volume ratio just about even across the indices. Our ...
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