If you can’t win by reason, go for volume. – Bill Watterson

In a market that seems to have no rhyme or reason, the best tool you have for trading is no big secret… It’s literally sitting right under your nose. It usually sits mostly unnoticed right at the bottom of your trading platform.

We’re talking about volume and it really should be at the top of every trader’s list of tools.

In fact, we believe volume is so important that we invented our own indicator for it.

And the reasoning behind it is simple.

It’s no secret that big institutions move the market. No matter how they try to hide it, though, volume lights up their moves like footprints in the snow.

Our Total Volume Oscillator, or TVO, uses a unique algorithm that reveals exactly what direction they’re headed… Long before and far more effectively than any other indicator.

And because it’s based on accumulation and distribution, the mechanism behind the way the market has worked for over 100 years, our TVO System will continue to work for as long as there are markets to trade.