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Outperforming the market with time left over to enjoy life

Mike DiBari – Founder & CEO

Bio: What started out for me in 2010 as a simple trade, has now grown into a lifelong passion for financial markets. I quickly went from the intense fury of a day trader to the nail biting of a swing trader and now consider myself a recovering trade-o-holic. I’ve since retracted to a quieter life of spreadsheets and quantitative strategies and I’m grateful for the time it’s afforded me to do the things I really enjoy in life.

Mark Ursell from Tradinformed.com pretty much sums up my approach in a nutshell… “He has a fascinating way of understanding the markets that I have never heard about anyone using before. Most technical traders totally ignore volume whereas Mike made it the central part of his strategy.” You can read Mark’s full interview with me How to Use Big Volume to Predict the Price Direction at his website.

When I first started to look deeper into market volume, I found very few technical tools available so I developed my own. The TVO System was created as a simple yet effective method to trade the market without the use of price or any other technical indicators.

Some folks say that I’m obsessed with market volume.

In actuality, the thing I’m truly obsessed with is finding a trading approach that works. Why focus so much on volume? Because it works. Why not use price or other related indicators? Because they don’t work… for me, that is, and the kind of living I do.

I like to have big returns, as well as free time during the day to do what I enjoy (instead of over trading in front of the screen all day long) and a volume based system has allowed me to do just that since 2014.

If I had continued using the price methods I used in the years before (and believe me I studied the best of the best), you wouldn’t be hearing this from me now because my account would have imploded long ago.

You may be thinking if it’s so good why not just trade it instead of having a service?

I’ve often thought that maybe I should just keep it to myself, but I must confess I have another obsession… I’m obsessed with helping other traders to find their way, and not get caught in the abyss that almost ended my trading career years ago.

And if you’re already spiraling down, I want to be the hand that will help pull you out and get your life back on track.

That’s my obsession. – MD

Hear me talk about my approach to options trading, hiking and more in my interview with Chicago Sean from his podcast series Trading with @chicagosean.

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