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Our “Total Volume” approach to market timing earned us over a 27% annual return for 4 years in a row, while only being in the market a fraction of the time!



  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD
2014 - 5.92% - 3.50% - - 14.27% - 6.27% - - 16.41% 54.97%
2015 -0.19% 6.13% 13.63% 2.31% -0.50% -7.62% - -6.81% -7.80% 25.16% 9.45% -0.70% 32.29%
2016 -14.37% -4.28% 3.93% 13.59% 4.54% -1.09% - - 8.81% 0.29% 2.43% 16.76% 30.56%
2017 1.64% - 9.91% 2.77% 2.69% -0.94% 3.71% -6.61 1.56% - 8.10% 2.54% 27.35%

For a list of all the individual trades, please view our Trade History


Becoming a TVO member will not only give you big returns but also:


  • More free time during the day from less time trading.

Whether you’re in or out of the market, when you trade less you’ll appreciate the free time you have to enjoy life.

Our signals are easy to follow and our new position sizer helps to limit risk while making trading options a snap.

Years of research have gone into laying the groundwork of our trades. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

Each trade has only an entry and an exit signal. No stop orders. No scaling in or out. No targets. No fuss.

From our members:


My biggest concern was a change in the staid style that separates the TVO from the myriad of other systems that make bombastic claims based on unsubstantiated back-testing etc. In my experience, Mike stayed the course by keeping us informed on market status, how it’s setting up for a possible buy/sell, and not gaming every move.

Favorite part of it is that Mike’s systems don’t keep you in the market constantly, allowing one to enjoy life vs. bird-dogging a screen so you can jump on a trade. My other favorite part is the trades are on SPY ETF, so there’s tons of liquidity and no crazy gyrations in value caused by missed earnings, negative guidance etc.

TVO is a successful unique volume based system that builds user wealth in a community of like-minded investors that know (or will come to know) that with TradingLicks, & using tips like not using stops, not following the pundits on financial cable etc., you can grow financially, while still have time to do your own fun stuff.

– JereJr @jerejohnjr


I like that you don’t have to watch the market minute by minute. It’s kind of the “relaxing” way to trade. I’m busy and tried to day trade and I’d win some, lose some but had to be glued to the monitor to get in and out asap. Here, you know when you should go in and when there’s an exit signal.

My biggest concern was that it was going to be a service that promises to deliver what it never really “can”. Most services are either always showing the winners in their touting OR they preach but never trade. Everyone is a genius after the fact, it’s being a genius before it happens that matters!

It’s the relaxing, non-nail biting way to trade!

– Steven A


 Frequently Asked Questions:


How are the options signals delivered?

When logged in to the site, members will be able to view the signals, as well as other commentary about the trades we’re in and ones that are potentially setting up, in the Members Area of each TVO Market Barometer post. The same info is also sent by email and text/SMS is also available.

Do you offer trade alerts?

Other than the occasional afternoon signal update, we don’t have to. All of our entries are either at the market open or at the close. In most cases, members that log in to our site already know what the signals are before the market opens, so being alerted (and watching screens) throughout the day is unnecessary.

Where are all your educational videos?

Socrates once said, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

Analyzing chart patterns and picking stocks is not what we do here. Our oscillators are designed to be clear and simple to use. If you know how to buy and sell SPY call options, then you already know what you need to know.

How do I become a member?

Below you’ll find a “Subscribe Now” button which opens the PayPal payment gateway. No PayPal? No problem! You can also use your credit or debit card. The membership starts with a no-risk free trial to our options signals. You can cancel at anytime.


Some folks say that I’m obsessed with market volume.

In actuality, the thing I’m truly obsessed with is finding a trading approach that works. Why focus so much on volume? Because it works. Why not use price or other related indicators? Because they don’t work… for me, that is, and the kind of living I do.

I like to have big returns, as well as free time during the day to do what I enjoy (instead of over trading in front of the screen all day long) and a volume based system has allowed me to do just that since 2014.

If I had continued using the price methods I used in the years before (and believe me I studied the best of the best), you wouldn’t be hearing this from me now because my account would have imploded long ago.

You may be thinking if it’s so good why not just trade it instead of sell it?

I’ve often thought that maybe I should just keep it to myself, but I must confess I have another obsession… I’m obsessed with helping other traders to find their way, and not get caught in the abyss that almost ended my trading career years ago.

And if you’re already spiraling down, I want to be the hand that will help pull you out and get your life back on track. That’s my obsession.

Try us for 14 days one month absolutely risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied you can cancel anytime. Join us today and let TVO be your guide in today’s market. -MD


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