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Mike DiBari
Cambridge, MA

Bio: What started out for me in 2010 as a simple trade, has now grown into a lifelong passion for financial markets. I quickly went from the intense fury of a day trader to the nail biting of a swing trader and now consider myself a recovering trade-o-holic. I’ve since retracted to a quieter life of spreadsheets and quantitative strategies and currently trade SPY options, short to long term.

Mark Ursell from Tradinformed.com pretty much sums up my approach in a nutshell… “He has a fascinating way of understanding the markets that I have never heard about anyone using before. Most technical traders totally ignore volume whereas Mike made it the central part of his strategy.” You can read Mark’s full interview with me How to Use Big Volume to Predict the Price Direction at his website.

When I first started to look deeper into market volume, I found very few technical tools available so I developed my own. The TVO System was created as a simple yet effective method to trade the market without the use of price or any other technical indicators.

I live in Cambridge, MA where I’m also a professional guitarist, teacher, hiker and gardener.

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    1. Hi Jay, Thanks for the question. Check out the TVO System for more info on how it works. You can also watch this blog for trading signals or follow me on StockTwits or Twitter. The TVO Market Barometer is also a great way to monitor market sentiment. In general the market is most healthy when the oscillator values are between 0 and +3.0. Hope it helps!

  1. Do you have to trade options with the TVO or can it be used with leveraged spy etf’s? and hello from a fellow cambridgian.

    1. Nice to hear from someone close by! For the TVO System we recommend options because downside risk is limited. Our General Investment Strategy, on the other hand, has less exposure and is designed to build account value more slowly over time, so for that the SPY ETF can be used.

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