TVO Market Barometer 11-1: October is gone so can we just move on?

The Fed was a non-event, Facebook is much bigger than most folks thought, and the dreaded month of October is now in the rear view mirror. So the bulls can now breathe a sigh of relief (from climbing the wall of worry). After all, tax reform is almost here, right?

With all the excitement, you’d think that volume has a lot to say about all this, but the truth is volume didn’t say much on Wednesday. The session finished off with a COOL zero on the Heat Gauge accompanied by another zero percent in overall volume change. We did, however, manage to sell our SPY calls at the close for an +8% gain, which marks our first trade with the Next Day Move system.

How does Next Day Move work? When HG Live generates a buy signal, you buy at the close then sell the next day. Sort of like day trading, but you can spend all of the “day” part doing whatever you want. You can be on the beach, on your boat… or in my case today, raking leaves in the backyard.

Well, October may be gone, but it is still Fall after all, and luckily for the bulls, leaves are about the only thing that’s been falling these days. -MD

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