TVO Market Barometer 8/22/17: Are the institutional bulls back?

Markets snapped back to life on Tuesday and logged the first across the board accumulation day we’ve had since 7/19. Seems like after that one the big boys threw in the towel (or bought their plane tickets) and allowed the bears to take control, which resulted in last Thursday’s tailspin. Are the institutional bulls finally back from vacation? Well, today also marks a clear reversal in TVO towards positive values, and as the readers of this blog know full well, big moves in volume precede big moves in price.

This is becoming a “blink and you might miss it” kind of environment, with investors reacting on what seems like pretty short-term memory. By the time most folks are done trying to decide which side of Trump drives the market (either the “teleprompter” or the “campaign rally” side), the train back to all time highs will have already left the station. And the “short the rip” crowd may want to think twice (or trade light) before stepping in front of that train. -MD

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