TVO Market Barometer 4/3/17

The Trump rally finally met its match as the first trading day in April kicked off with a selling frenzy of epic proportions with the largest decline the Dow has seen since… Ha ha gotcha. April fools’. Come on, even the words “Nuclear Option” and “North Korea” flying around together in headlines so far this week aren’t frightening enough to derail this rally. You’re probably thinking sure, Tesla is really something, but no way will it ever be bigger than Ford. Well, actually, again the joke’s on you, as the stock market is quite famous for its “Never gonna happen” moments. As far as volume, though, it was a bit SWELTERING on HG giving way to a bit of distribution on SPY, which could very well lead to more selling short-term… Which as any fool knows is always something to look out for leading up to the jobs report, so plan your risk accordingly. -MD

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