TVO Market Barometer 3/30/17

Stocktoberfest East in NYC was everything I hoped it would be and more. Learned from seasoned pro Fred Wilson all the ins and outs of Bitcoin, and that “machines can’t hold through volatility, but people do.” And Raoul Pal summed up just about everything when he said most folks don’t “Know Fuck About Fuck,” a quote which hangs as a reminder of that perspective on his office wall. Made new friends and got to meet the real people behind the familiar handles, including my blogger inspiration Josh Brown who said “It’s hard to keep going when nobody is paying attention for a long time,” but that the real you will ultimately shine through. For a blogger no truer words have been spoken. And his short and to the point style struck a chord when I first started writing and it’s what I still strive for today. Excited to meet Scott “Red Dog” Redler, my first virtual video mentor on StockTwits. Watched his videos everyday (even though it drove my wife crazy) and learned just the kind of discipline it takes to become a consistent methodical trader. And of course Howard Lindzon, with his non-stop energy kept the interviews always interesting and thought-provoking. Can’t wait for next Stocktober! -MD

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