TVO Market Barometer 3/15/17

The Ides of March has come and gone and the expected rate hike unleashed an unexpected reaction (what did you expect?). And while the bears are still trying to chalk this up to the likes of March Madness, a 21% increase in overall volume suggests big institutions are very sanely going forward with their buy plan. But it’s just short covering, right? Well, there’s likely more covering to come, as a pumped up 3-DOG NIGHT on HG is saying the party is just getting underway. SPY at 239 has risen over 2 points since our close to full moon on IO shifted GI (Our General Investment Strategy) to buy mode on 3/8. Our call options are up almost 13% in what’s looking like a 4-in-a-row winning streak for the TVO System (Which has a potential for 11 consecutive wins according to backtests). The GI investment percentage has decreased to 50% for the time being, but more accumulation in the short-term could up the ante. -MD

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