TVO Market Barometer 1/25/17

The Trump rally went from a post-election market that was likely to tank based on the record of previous incoming Republican Presidents, to the greatest post-election rally since the beginning of the 20th century. Things just can’t be as good as it seems so everyone’s gonna short the hell out of Dow 20k, right? If you recall, our first rule of trading is “Never short a bull market,” and it’s safe to say that (regardless of whether DT deserves or takes the credit) we’re in one at the moment, so shorts may want to tread carefully… even though the Fed and the administration’s first jobs report is just around the corner. TVO, which put our General Investment Strategy in buy mode on 1/18, has been slowly creeping up to +1.0, which is saying that since the Donald took office we’ve been firmly on the accumulation side of the scale… with plenty of room to run before overbought kicks in. -MD

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