TVO Market Barometer 11/4/16


Over the past 10 days, markets (and the American people) fell for the old “Bait and Switch” routine… FBI finds “pertinent” emails (Americans take the bait), they turn out to be nothing but duplicates (thus the “switcheroo”), clearing HRC once again. Was this a clever plan devised by some campaign genius working for the DNC? Hardly. The bait and switch is so ingrained in our collective subconsciousness (although many do practice it consciously) that we generate such events without realizing it until after the outcome. The Fed puts markets through such scenarios all the time (remember good ol’ Ben and QE2?), as their carefully chosen words lure folks in to one truth (the one that most folks want to believe), when in fact the real truth is eventually found out to be quite the opposite. As far as volume, last Thursday we posted that HG was SCORCHING (which according to TVO GI meant to buy and hold SPY for a week), so even by last Friday a reversal was already brewing under the hood. -MD

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