TVO Market Barometer 10/28/16


With the Fed, the jobs numbers, the election, and whatever other surprise the media can throw, there’s no shortage of potential catalysts to affect the market in the coming days ahead. Already the FBI announcement shook things up last Friday, but despite the sudden drop in price on the indices, overall volume more or less stayed put (-2%). It seems that it’s mostly retail investors, and not big institutions, that are getting the pre-election jitters at this point, and Wall Street’s “chosen candidate” is still very much in favor. What’s a trader to do when you’ve got an email scandal that never seems to end? It wouldn’t be called noise if it was that easy to tune out, but sticking to your plan (by following your signals… NOT by betting on the Nov 8th results) in times like these is exactly what makes the difference to your P&L down the line. -MD

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