TVO Market Barometer Week of 1/29/16

TVO MB 1-29-16

With the Fed in the rear view mirror, one of two catalysts we mentioned is out of the way (and another surprise one from Japan in between), and now with investors eyeing the caucuses amidst a slew of economic data this week… well, things could get interesting. Lots of folks are in the camp that the “uptrend resumes” due to the price action on Friday. Since we only use volume data, a true leading indicator, TVO was one step ahead of the crowd and called the trend reversal (at -7.3) a week earlier on 1/22, giving our members more time (and better price levels) in which to establish their longs. Since then we’ve had 2 accumulation days (1/26 and 1/29) within a short period of time, causing TVO to jump 2 whole values in just a few days. Our Heat Gauge now is the chilliest we’ve seen in a while (even though there are some reports of flowers blooming in a nearby Boston neighborhood), but with an 11% increase in overall volume, it’s evident that the big boys are convinced something is brewing and that they’re already starting to board the train. -MD

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