TVO Market Barometer 12/30/15

TVO MB 12-30-15

The year of 2015 brought about lots of cool things; marriage equality, water on Mars, a democracy in Myanmar, and a new Star Wars movie… but amidst all of that, one thing has remained frustratingly constant… SPY 205. As we finish the year right back where we started, our Heat Gauge has soared up to a balmy +77 as investors are apparently taking the last opportunity to liquidate their losses for the year. Overall volume fell on today’s decline (-9%), so there are still quite a few folks out there holding on to the ball so to speak (and likely still will be, even after it drops on NYE). In addition to holding our TVO long position into the new year, we’ll be buying SPY calls for a short-term swing at the open tomorrow. Also like to just say thanks to the readers of this blog for all your support this year. Looking forward to continue hearing from all of you in 2016. Happy New Year!!

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