TVO Market Barometer 12/23/15

TVO MB 12-23-15

‘Twas the night before options were about to… oh wait, that was last week. Since then, although the gap to SPY 205 has been filled (or skipped rather), the vacuum created by the past surge in down volume has yet to be filled, but we did see a spark in form of accumulation on the Nasdaq on Wednesday. The HG at -19 is the coldest we’ve seen for some time, but overall volume stayed put at zero, which has us just narrowly shy of an exit signal for our short-term calls (which likely pushes our exit to Monday). Even if you’re a bear (or unless your name is Ebenezer), you’re probably not planning on shorting the market on X-mas eve, right? For the bulls able to watch the market on 12/24, take profits accordingly, otherwise see you at Monday’s close. Happy Holidays!! -MD

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