TVO Market Barometer 9/15/15

TVO MB 9-15-15b

Here at TVO Market Barometer we focus on market volume, and from a volume perspective the market sure looks like it wants to go higher. While most of the investing world has been running scared ahead of the “big decision,” the big boys have been busy placing their bets, and the HG has been watching their moves (almost like they’re on closed circuit TV). On 9/8 we had the biggest volume accumulation day in months followed by an aggressive shakeout the next day, leading up to today’s high volume follow through (-7 on the HG with +8% overall volume increase). All foreboding patterns aside (I’ve seen many a triangle, flag, etc., high or low, often do just the opposite of what most folks expect), with that kind of dynamic activity, it might be wise to lighten things up on the short side for the time being. -MD

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