TVO Market Barometer 6/17/15

TVO MB 6-17-15b

Today’s Fed day did manage to pump up the volume, even though it seemed like déjà vu all over again. The indices, however, did not all equally fall head over heels for this latest installment of the rate hike game, so TVO stayed put with the HG ending up pretty neutral as well. If there were bulls waiting on the sidelines for today’s announcement, they didn’t exactly show up in droves. Perhaps they’re willing to let this one go down so they can get in on the real dip we’ve all been waiting for (that no one will buy until it’s too late), or maybe there just aren’t enough of them around… it is almost summer after all. Or most likely the market is already in the know (we all know rates will go up eventually) and all anyone can do is struggle to make sense of it all, after the fact. In the meantime the grind continues. -MD

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