TVO Market Barometer 6/4/15

TVO MB 6-4-15b

Today the S&P 500 decided to take the “50 day challenge,” which basically starts with the bulls saying to the bears, “I dare you to cross the 50 day MA, come on I dare ya.” And what often follows is a cross of the line in a big way, which of course ends up being a huge buying opportunity for the average investor, but it’s only seen in retrospect… mostly due to the fear that most folks have of buying low (buy low/sell high is easier said than done). But the big boys have no such fear, as they have their automatic orders already set and waiting for the bears to take the plunge. Our Heat Gauge was pretty hot today, so we too have our sights set on going long as well. Overall volume only marginally increased, however, so it’s possible there may be more downside to come before this installment of the “challenge” is through. -MD

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