TVO Market Barometer 5/27/15

TVO MB 5-27-15b

The spotlight on today’s massive post-shakeout/snapback was fixed firmly on the NASDAQ, with a huge volume boost (over 4 times up over down-volume) fueling the move, but the other indices contained their excitement as volume fell marginally overall. Nevertheless, the index many love to call the leader had an all-time closing high only a few points away from the psychologically important (but numerically rather insignificant) 5,132.52. Insignificant that is, except for those that bought it back in ’00 and sold in ’01. If only they had waited. And then there’s the guy who bought yesterday’s opening dip, only to sell in frustration at the close. If only he had waited. So fortunes can indeed (and really only do) come to those who wait on Wall Street. Whether it’s a day or more than a decade, in the end timing is everything. -MD

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