TVO Market Barometer 5/21/15

TVO MB 5-21-15b

Today after a quick flush (with our sub-SPY 212 stops narrowly escaping certain peril for now), the market closed at an all-time high… again, but this time we’re singing a slightly different tune. Big institutions finally saw fit to jump up from the sidelines and inject a small but decent amount of volume accumulation into this rally that so many folks can’t help but love to hate. And that sentiment may be one of the simple forces driving the low volume flame so far… Too big a flame will get snuffed out quickly while a slow burning sensation can be tolerated for a much longer length of time. How much longer the bears can sit on their hands through this slow burn remains to be seen, but as long as TVO continues inching upward the feeling could last for quite a while. -MD

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