TVO Market Barometer 4/6/15

TVO MB 4-6-15b

So it looks as if bad news is indeed good news for the market… or is it? Today’s spike in prices confirms the volume thesis that sellers have had their day (for the time being), and with no one left to sell, up we go. Wait, really? So if price confirms volume, and not the other way around, then that means that the big institutions must have seen the bad news coming already? Well, ultimately we must all make up our own minds on that one. In any case, though, you may have noticed that the more you change your position in the market based on news, reports or whatever the Fed says, you’re not only likely to lose money, but also some hair on your head as well (From pulling it out that is). Incidentally, the volume read today was heavy up-volume across the board, and unless we have a complete meltdown (which many bottom seller bears are hoping for) TVO is likely to reverse again. The only question is when. -MD

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