TVO Market Barometer 3/25/15

TVO MB 3-25-15b

So how do you know which market to stand with? The one that sky rocketed as it cheered the Fed just a mere week ago, or the one today which was equally as extreme, but in the other direction? (both days were 3 point moves on SPY) Since sudden price moves can’t really be predicted (or trusted) we put our money on volume, because in the long-term it’s just not that easy to fake the volume of shares traded across the indices. Price is never a factor with TVO, so thus neither is the insanity. With that said… Today the up/down volume ratio was tipped toward the downside about as much as it can go (especially on the NASDAQ), and with hardly anyone left to sell, we’ll likely get a bounce soon. But the last remaining SPY 205 holdouts may have to meet with the stop hunters one last time. -MD

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