TVO Market Barometer 3/20/15

TVO MB 3-20-15b

Triple witching last Friday gave us a 50% overall volume increase across the board and the oscillator has now officially changed direction. On Monday’s close we will sell our SPY puts and buy SPY calls. Although we picked up reversal signs early in the week, the changing tide of volume often shifts slowly… but prices are not so forgiving in the short term. Let’s just say the when those blue jacket floor traders go on about how the the market’s going down after the Fed annoucement, and it doesn’t, better watch out because shorts will be covered faster than you can say… well you know the result. So why didn’t we cover then, or a week ago for that matter? TVO has been known to catch some pretty big market swings, but you’re unlikely to hit the ball out of the park unless you swing for the fences (watch out Green Monster), so we stay the course because you never know. -MD

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