TVO Market Barometer 3/6/15

TVO MB 3-6-15b

There was a massive evacuation from equities on Friday, as good news for the economy has once again become bad news for the market. The volume ratio is very similar to the flush we had on 1/28 that was soon followed by a reversal, but TVO was already in the negative at that point where now the oscillator still has room fall… So the indices will likely do the same. So are we looking at a June rate hike? If you need to know, just ask the market… it always knows. And the market of the Dow, which has long been written off by many traders, will now contain the biggest, most valuable company on earth… and one more reason not to pay attention, although the Dow sure could’ve used a little AAPL on Friday. Volatility is back which has already started to lure the doomsayers out of the woodwork (where were they just a week ago?), so it’s good time to turn up the noise filters and stay focused on your plan because you know how fast things can change. -MD

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