TVO Market Barometer 2/17/15

TVO MB 2-17-15b

Some folks say that Wall St takes the escalator up, climbing the “Wall of Worry.” Well right now the folks that create market volume don’t seem to be worried about much. We are advancing on declining volume over the past 2 sessions, but we still have plenty of up volume to keep the momentum going. As volume continues to fall more sellers will rush in to fill the void, and then vice versa and the cycle repeats. This is what’s known as a “healthy” market and pullbacks should still be viewed as buying opportunities. But since the oscillator is also now in the healthy range (0 to +3.0) it’s likely we get more sideways consolidation rather than large dips… so relax and enjoy the ride to Nasdaq 5000. It’ll still be a while so try not to worry too much. -MD

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