TVO Market Barometer 2/11/15

TVO MB 2-11-15b

In the stock market, there’s always someone who knows something before the rest of us do. We may never know exactly what that is, but when you study volume long enough, their tracks are as easy to spot as footprints in the snow (all you Bostonians know well what I mean). Yesterday we saw accumulation and today we mostly took a breather (much like the weather around here), except for the Nasdaq which has been carrying most of the volume load (mostly due to AAPL) as the oscillator continues moving forward. As far as oil goes, we’ve had our 50% pullback off the Feb 3rd spike, so let’s move on shall we? And the “ones who know” are certainly not going to wait until Monday on Greece, so don’t be surprised if we get a breaking news story to explain any sudden moves… because in the stock market, the news is a reaction to the move. Not the other way around. -MD

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