TVO Market Barometer 12/19/14


TVO MB 12-19-14b

So we rallied back to all time highs, but the oscillator is still falling, what gives? Answer: Lack of volume. What could possibly cause this unprecedented 3 day advance to suddenly reverse? Answer: Lack of volume. Okay now that that’s settled… Advancing volume logged about the same amount as yesterday but declining volume more than tripled. We did get our overall volume boost from witching, so we may still indeed go higher, but the sudden market rise has finally stirred the bears from their long winter’s nap. But you’d have to be a real Scrooge to be short over this weekend, right? Well, even Ebenezer could change his mind, so stay nimble and trade what you see. Happy Holidays! -MD

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2 Replies to “TVO Market Barometer 12/19/14”

  1. We did get our overall volume boost from witching, – what does ‘witching mean did you mean watching?

    1. “Witching” refers to quadruple witching, when index futures, stock index options, stock options and single stock futures all expire on the 3rd Friday in December. We are watching the market as well. 🙂

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